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Accident victim hospitalized after being caught in machine

On Behalf of | May 30, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

For industrial workers in Connecticut, there is a certain amount of risk involved in the jobs they do. Operating heavy machinery, trusting other employees and keeping track of many different requirements of the job are all part of performing their duties and simultaneously maintaining a safe working environment. Unfortunately, even the most well-trained employees and safety-oriented workplaces can have accidents. When there is a machine accident and a worker is injured, it can lead to severe injuries and fatalities. To make ends meet when a worker is unable to do their job, workers’ compensation benefits are needed.

A man working at an industrial facility was injured when he became trapped in a machine. Emergency responders were called to help the 58-year-old man. The man was airlifted to the hospital for treatment for serious injuries to his legs. The facility manufactures aerospace parts and it is not known how he became caught in the machine. The incident is not believed to have been suspicious, but the investigation is ongoing. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration was called.

Workers do not expect to be injured on the job no matter what kind of work they do. However, accidents can happen without warning and can radically change a person’s life. From lost time on the job and the accompanying financial concerns to the medical necessities, an accident victim will need to think about how they will move forward. The family will also be impacted by such an incident. Workers’ compensation benefits are in place to assist injured workers. To get the maximum benefits, a legal advocate is often necessary.

In some cases, it is not a simple matter of getting the benefits the worker believes they should get. There could be disputes about a myriad of factors including: who was at fault for the accident, how long the worker will be unable to work, and the extent of the medical care needed. It is vital for the injured worker to have legal representation to get the workers’ compensation benefits they need to get the care and lost wages they are entitled to.


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