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Worker injured on the job when trench wall collapsed

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Construction work is ever-present in Connecticut. This is an overall positive as it provides jobs, shores up infrastructure, raises property values, and improves aesthetics. Still, it is a risky occupation for those who are doing the work. Workers’ compensation claims are common in construction, as workers are around heavy machinery, use large tools, trust other employees to do their jobs and maintain safety, and are stationed in areas where accidents can happen. For those who are injured when performing a physically taxing job like construction, it can have a negative impact on their entire lives. If there is a dispute over workers’ compensation, having legal assistance is vital.

A worker who was helping install a water line became trapped when a trench wall collapsed. The worker was trapped up to his waist and was helped from the trench by fellow workers. He was injured, but the injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

Regardless of the type of job a person has, no one goes to work and expects to be injured in an accident. Construction work is especially risky for the reasons listed above. Workers who have been hurt can find themselves with injuries that leave them unable to do the same work they did before, in need of medical care, facing hefty bills and lost income. This makes workers’ compensation benefits important. When there is a disagreement as to the extent of the injuries or if the insurer or employer asserts that the worker does not need the benefits at all, having legal advice to deal with the claim is crucial.

If you have been injured in a workplace accident, you should contact a law firm that understands workers’ compensation law to help you through the process.


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