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Connecticut trooper injured in auto accident

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State troopers and other police personnel put themselves in jeopardy every day in Connecticut. For law enforcement officers who are injured on the job, the lost time at work and medical expenses can impact them just as they would anyone else. Help getting workers’ compensation benefits is often needed to obtain the maximum amount while recovering.

A state police officer was hit by a car while in his vehicle when he was helping a person whose vehicle was disabled. The officer had pulled his cruiser over to help a woman whose vehicle stopped on the median. Another vehicle ran into the cruiser, causing the officer’s vehicle to hit the rear of the vehicle he had stopped to assist. The people in the stopped vehicle had minor injuries, as did the driver who hit the cruiser. The officer’s injuries were not believed to be life-threatening.

In any job, injuries can be a major problem, with lost wages, medical costs and potential long-term problems. For law enforcement, it can be a major issue because they need to be physically, mentally and emotionally able to do their job. Being injured and out of work can lead to financial concerns. In some cases, there is a disagreement regarding the severity of the injuries and how long the worker should be off the job.

Workers’ compensation benefits are in place to help those who are unable to work, whether it is temporary or permanent. To make certain that the workers’ compensation claims are handled correctly and fairly, having legal help is often necessary. A law firm that has experience in workers’ compensation cases should be called immediately for advice and assistance.


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