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What does your employer have to do if you are injured on the job?

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It is important for injured workers in Connecticut to have the information they need about how the workers’ compensation process works in Connecticut and how it can help them. This includes knowing about reporting requirements and what their employer is required to do when there has been a workplace accident or injury.

Workers’ compensation benefits can help injured workers or workers suffering from an occupational illness in Connecticut receive the benefits they need to help them with their medical expenses, lost earnings and some other expenses and concerns as well. In Connecticut, employers are required to notify the Workers’ Compensation Commission of a workplace injury or illness. Even if an insurance company or third-party administrator handles the first report for the employer, the reporting requirement is their obligation to satisfy.

The law requires employers to report any workplace injury or illness that results in the worker missing one or more than one day of work as a result. The report must be submitted within seven days of the employer being notified of the workplace injury or illness. The duty to report is not dependent on whether or not the employer thinks the injury or illness qualifies for workers’ compensation benefits or not. The reporting requirement must be satisfied once the worker has suffered a workplace injury or is suffering from a workplace illness.

As part of the first report, the employer is required to report the date and time of the injury, if the worker has made a workers’ compensation claim and other insurance information as well. If the employer fails to file the first report, the injured worker may be able to receive an increase in a workers’ compensation benefits award. Workers’ compensation benefits are benefits that many families understandably rely on, which is why they should understand the process of filing a claim for workers’ compensation benefits and the employer’s responsibilities in the process.


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