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OSHA investigates work accident that killed one person

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While every job has its inherent risks, some jobs are more hazardous than others. For example, a construction site may pose more dangers, as heavy machinery is being operated and heavy items are being moved around. Connecticut residents working hard to make ends meet may not even be aware of the dangers associated with their work, but it is an employer’s task to make sure they are both adequately warned about them and trained for them. When employers neglect to do so, it might result in an unsafe working environment that puts workers at more risk than they would have been in otherwise.

A recent work accident in Connecticut might raise these issues at a workplace, where one 22-year-old mechanic died from injuries suffered in a work accident. According to the police, the mechanic was working on a car when it fell off the lift and landed on him. The incident took place at a dealership and auto garage. Transported to the hospital, he was unable to recover from the injuries he suffered. Investigators suspect that the accident was the result of improper or insecure placement of the arms of the lift.

When a work accident takes place, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration usually investigates it, as is this one. Investigations take place to determine if the workplace is unsafe and what steps the employer did not take to make it safer. Generally, employers are then tasked with making it safer and for paying a penalty for their negligence.

In addition to this, workers compensation benefits are available to those injured in a workplace accident and for the loved ones of those who lost their lives. In order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, a procedure must be followed and many people may not be aware of the deadlines involved in that. It might be helpful to get more information to ensure legal rights are protected.


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