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Poorly secured cargo can lead to serious truck accident

On Behalf of | Nov 27, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Semi-trucks pose a significant risk to other motorists. While the sheer size of the vehicles can cause devastation when a truck accident occurs, cargo can also pose a hazard on the roadways. This is why federal regulators have implemented a number of rules pertaining to cargo securement, each of which seeks to keep other motorists safe.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration monitors compliance with these various regulations. In general, cargo must be secured in a way that prevents it from falling or blowing off of the truck carrying it. Additionally, cargo restraints should prevent spillage and improper shifting that would jeopardize the truck’s stability. Also, the cargo should not obstruct a trucker’s vision or limit the ability to move freely within the truck’s cab.

There are a number of ways to appropriately secure cargo on a truck, including using tie downs, webbing, ropes, blocking, shackles, braces and friction mats. The size and weight of the cargo in question will dictate how many of these restraining devices will be needed, and some types of restraints are preferred over others depending on the circumstances at hand. Failing to adhere to federally recognized standards may result in tragic consequences, including major truck accidents that leave victims with serious injuries. In the worst cases, fatalities occur.

Individuals who are injured in a truck accident typically have a long road to recovery. The financial ramifications of such a wreck can be overwhelming. Fortunately, evidence of federal trucking regulation violations may help support a personal injury lawsuit, which, if successful, could lead to the recovery of much needed compensation.


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