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Despite benefits, red light camera use wanes

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Connecticut residents should be aware that red light-running crashes are leading to more and fatalities. There was a 17% increase in such fatalities between 2012 and 2018, and incidentally, that same period saw a decline in the number of communities with red light camera systems from 533 to 421. The benefits of red light cameras are well-known, so it is clear that their decline is at least one factor in the increase.

Data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows, for instance, that large cities with red light cameras see 21% fewer fatalities from red light-running accidents than do large cities without cameras. This is a lot when one considers how in 2016, there were more than 800 such fatalities nationwide. In general, cameras also cut down on the number of red light running violations by 40%.

In spite of this, cameras are losing support as people realize how cities can install camera systems more as a way to generate revenue and less as a way to save lives. Chicago is one example. In 2014, it had the largest red light camera system of any U.S. city, but it also made its yellow light duration the shortest that’s allowable. This led to more revenue from traffic tickets, but it also led unintentionally to more rear-end collisions.

Those who are injured in car accidents where the other driver ran a red light or committed some other traffic violation may be able to file a claim. After all, they were the victims of negligence and deserve compensation for their medical expenses and other losses. This is where legal representation may come in . Auto insurance companies can be aggressive in fighting claims, but a lawyer may handle all negotiations and take the case to court if a settlement isn’t achieved.


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