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The factors that help create quality workplace safety cultures

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

It is a contractor’s responsibility to make sure that its workers have access to the training and tools necessary to keep them safe. A study revealed that most contractors in Connecticut and throughout the country use supervisors to conduct training courses. Typically, supervisors are trained through a 30-hour course offered by OSHA. However, this course may not necessarily be adequate on its own. The Foundations for Safety Leadership training module is lauded as a quality training tool by contractors that have used it.

However, few contractors know that this program is available to them for free. Therefore, a representative from the Center for Construction Research and Training and Procore said that promoting awareness of the program should be a top priority. Online safety training tools are also expected to be used more frequently by contractors in coming years. This is in spite of the fact that many contractors say that they don’t use it today.

Contractors are also excited about the potential that artificial intelligence and wearable devices have to keep workers safe. According to research conducted by Dodge Analytics, there is a strong belief that these tools could make an impact in as little as three years. In addition to supervisor training and advanced technology, regular audits and meetings at the corporate level were considered important safety plan components.

Those who are forced to take time off after being injured on the job could receive workers’ compensation benefits to help make up for lost wages. They may also receive assistance paying medical bills related to their injuries. An attorney may help those who are seeking benefits file their claims and work to ensure that they are processed in a timely manner. Legal counsel may also help a worker if a claim is denied.


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