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3 Connecticut counties rank high for drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2020 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

Drunk driving accidents wouldn’t happen in a perfect world, but they unfortunately do happen all the time in Connecticut. From someone making the mistake of driving home after a night at the bar to a teen who takes drugs and thinks that they can make it home safely, drunk driving crashes are significant problems that have to be handled appropriately.

Take, for example, this interesting information about Connecticut. Did you know that Connecticut is known for having a high number of alcohol-related fatalities? New London County ranked high on the list of small counties with a high proportion of drunk-driving collisions.

For large counties, Fairfield County ranked high. The total number of driving fatalities that involved a drunk driver was 38%. That’s a fatality rate of 2.1 people per 100,000. In the last five years, the county has seen 99 fatalities from drunk driving alone.

Hartford County isn’t doing any better. The proportion of fatalities that involved drunk drivers was 38%, while the drunk driving fatality rate was 2.64 per 100,000. In that county, 118 drunk-driving fatalities occurred in the last five years.

In New Haven County, 39% of fatalities involved drunk drivers. In total, 142 people were killed in drunk-driving crashes.

None of this information is good news for residents in these areas, but it does show that work can be done to prevent drunk drivers from being on the roads. If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, it’s important that you call 911 to report the incident and seek medical care. You may have the chance to pursue compensation and to hold that individual responsible for their actions.


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