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Road rage may be to blame for multi-vehicle crash

On Behalf of | Jun 18, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Road rage is a problem for some drivers on the roads. When a motorist becomes angry over how slowly others are traveling or because they’re late, they may act aggressively and threaten others. Aggressive drivers may also make mistakes, speed or fail to put enough distance between themselves and others.

This car crash allegedly involved a case of road rage, according to police in Windsor. It took place at around 12:30 p.m. near the intersection of Route 218 and Interstate 291.

Witnesses told police that a pickup driver was chasing a motorcyclist in what appeared to be a “road rage-like manner,” when the truck rolled and hit several other vehicles. As a result of the driver’s actions, seven vehicles, including the motorcycle, were damaged. Additionally, at least four people had to be rushed to the hospital for serious injuries.

Cases like this are scary because it’s easy to see how a single driver could put others at risk of being involved in significant, and often serious, crashes. Road rage is something that simply can’t be allowed.

As a driver who may occasionally get mad while driving, remember that you need to stay calm when you’re behind the wheel. Road rage can be dangerous or deadly when uncontrolled. That means that you should not chase other vehicles, speed aggressively or maneuver in ways that could cause a crash. If you do, then you could be accused of reckless driving.

All drivers need to be cautious on the roads and obey the state’s traffic laws. If you’re hurt because someone became too aggressive, you may be able to file a claim.


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