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Use these 3 tips to avoid drunk drivers

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2020 | Drunk Driving Accidents |

If you’re planning to enjoy the Fourth of July weekend with family or are spending a few weeks away on vacation for the summer, now is a good time to talk about drinking and driving. During holidays and in vacation areas, you’re more likely to see people drinking and deciding to get behind the wheel, even though they know it’s unsafe. Unfortunately, those decisions could end up causing serious injuries or deaths.

Getting hit by a drunk driver is life-altering. You may have devastating injuries that will take months or years to recover from. Some people have disabling wounds that won’t ever fully recover.

While it is impossible to avoid all people who make bad decisions on the roads, you can take some steps to avoid drunk drivers. Here are three tips that may help.

1. Drive during the day

One good idea is to drive during the day. Fewer people day drink, and those who are drinking during the day are more likely to be drinking at a party or event instead of being on the roads.

2. Avoid driving near bars in the early morning

Next, try to plan your route away from the local bar scene. You already know that drinking could be prominent there, so avoiding it is a good idea.

3. Don’t let friends drink and drive

Finally, don’t let the people you know drink and drive. Be a designated driver or call a cab for them, so there are fewer dangerous drivers on the roads.

These are a few tips to avoid drunk drivers on the roads. Be cautious, so you may get home safely.


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