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4-car crash leaves 4 hospitalized and power out in Norwalk

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2020 | Car Accidents |

A single mistake by any driver could result in a crash that involves many people. Whether a driver speeds into an intersection or accidentally leaves their lane, it’s possible to involve many vehicles in the crash that follows.

While you can try to take evasive maneuvers if you see another driver make a mistake, you won’t always be able to avoid the impact. In that case, you could end up with significant injuries and damages to deal with.

Something like that happened in this case in Connecticut. Four vehicles were involved in a serious collision in Norwalk, and that crash led to three utility poles collapsing and four people going to the hospital. First responders at the scene reported that the crash happened at around noon on July 30.

One vehicle collided with all three of the utility poles before it erupted in flames. Fortunately, the two people inside were able to get out thanks to help from bystanders. Two people were taken to the hospital in serious condition, while two others were also transported for medical care. It’s not clear what led to the collision between all four vehicles, but the crash did shut down Connecticut avenue for many hours while a team from Eversource worked to cut power to the utility poles that had collapsed.

The report didn’t indicate why the collision happened, but it’s clear that at least one person’s mistake led to a serious crash that impacted many who were involved. If you’re involved in a crash like this at an intersection or on any roadway, make sure you know your right to seek compensation and to get the financial support you need.


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