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1 seriously hurt when driver rams police vehicle

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2020 | Car Accidents |

Most people like to think that a driver would never intentionally hit someone. If they did hit someone, the hope would be that they would remain at the scene and render aid appropriately.

That’s not what happened in this case, though. This crash is a good example of what can happen to drivers who flee from their responsibilities following a collision.

A man from New York has been accused of injuring a police officer in Bridgeport before running and eventually crashing a vehicle in Fairfield, Connecticut, according to the authorities. The young man, 24, now faces charges for hitting an officer with a vehicle, evading responsibility for causing a physical injury, disobeying a police signal, first-degree reckless endangerment and others.

What led to this interaction? The officers reported being called to the scene for a potential street fight. When they arrived, one officer began to direct traffic. That’s when a vehicle suddenly sped towards them and hit the officer’s vehicle. She was pinned and injured seriously, but she is expected to survive. There is no information on why the driver hit the officer’s vehicle.

The driver did not stay at the scene. Instead, the man fled in his vehicle onto Interstate 95. The driver later lost control and crashed near Exit 24. The man was able to exit the vehicle without injuries. He was arrested at the scene.

Anyone who intentionally causes a collision or flees after accidentally causing one could face charges. If you’re hit by someone who flees and is later caught, you can pursue a claim for compensation before, during or after the criminal case is complete. Your attorney can talk to you more about your options.


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