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The importance of safe driving in inclement weather

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2021 | Car Accidents |

It is no secret that auto accidents increase in numbers during the winter. While this is natural to some degree, many of the accidents occur early in the season when drivers have not been accustomed to driving in bad conditions. This happens in Connecticut just as in other northern states. Motor vehicle accidents will assuredly happen in bad conditions, and many times unraveling what transpired can be a challenging task when injury settlements are being negotiated.

Fault still matters in bad weather accidents

Weather impact can often be a convenient excuse when accident cases are being settled, but drivers are still ultimately responsible for controlling their vehicles. The law of vehicular control makes no exception to weather conditions. In addition, vehicle owners are also responsible when their cars are involved in crashes regardless of who is driving. Many two-car accident cases involving inclement weather will result in a 50-50 determination of fault by the court, which means each driver will receive 50% of the total claimed damages when the case is adjudicated. However, those with 51% or greater comparative negligence percentage can be denied any financial compensation.

Multiple-vehicle crashes

Collisions involving multiple vehicles are more common in the winter because braking ability is seriously affected in bad weather, especially in icy conditions. Anything can happen when a vehicle hits a slick spot. These crashes will commonly result in all drivers being assessed some percentage of fault, often below the 51% financial recovery bar, and details can matter when case settlements are contested in court. This can even include proper maintenance of a vehicle or measures to improve vehicle safety in preparation for avoiding taking motor vehicle accidents during winter.

Always drive with extreme caution in snow and ice

Connecticut attorneys will advise drivers to exercise caution when driving in bad weather, but it is still important to have an experienced and aggressive accident attorney when an accident case is being negotiated. This is especially true when the case is going to court.


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