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Why a broken bone from a slip-and-fall isn’t a minor injury

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2022 | Slip And Fall Accidents |

People can be dismissive of slip-and-fall incidents and the injuries that they cause. The average person has probably fallen a few times in their life, usually without severe injury.

However, as people age, the possibility of serious injury increases. The circumstances of a fall can also put someone at elevated risk. Falling on wet linoleum at the grocery store might be more dangerous than slipping in your own kitchen.

Broken bones after a slip-and-fall can lead to serious issues for the person affected. Although people think of fractures as injuries that are easily treatable, they can still cause massive expenses and sometimes serious medical complications. When are broken bones major injuries?

Some breaks are simply worse than others

A broken collarbone or pelvis will require bigger changes to someone’s daily life than a broken finger or even a broken arm. The nature of the break will also affect how much it costs to treat and how long it takes to heal.

A spiral fracture may require surgery and could necessitate a much longer recovery time than a simple, stable fracture. An open or compound fracture will also put someone at risk of an infection. Finally, even after the break heals, there’s the possibility of someone developing complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). This degenerative condition will worsen over time and may eventually force someone to leave their profession.

Even basic breaks can cost thousands

If you have a simple fracture to one bone, you may still need to advise the business of the incident. Filing a formal report is a necessary step if you need to file a premises liability insurance claim.

Setting a bone could cost anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars. You will have to wait a minimum of six to eight weeks, possibly longer, for the bone to heal. You may require physical therapy even after the bone heals to regain lost range of motion, endurance and strength.

Between the hospital bills and the lost wages, even a basic broken bone could cost thousands of dollars and put you at a financial disadvantage. Pursuing a premises liability claim will help you hold a business accountable if poor maintenance led to your injury.


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