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February 2014 Archives

Family loses only son to the bite of a pet rat

Every day we are exposed to a variety of germs, but most of them will not kill us. Even when we get sick, most of us in Bridgeport go to the doctor or the hospital, get some medicine and are sent home to recover. Unfortunately, sometimes medicines and medical care just aren't enough; either the condition is too severe or it is too late for doctors to do anything.

Car accidents in Connecticut can be fatal for pedestrians

While walking along the shoulder of a road, people might feel as if they are not in the way of traffic. However, this was not the case for a Connecticut man who was hit recently. The man, who is believed to be homeless, was struck by a driver of a Subaru sedan. Car accidents that involve pedestrians often prove to be fatal, as this one did.

Business is sued for delivery driver's fatal accident

When someone is at work, often times his or her employer is responsible for him or her. Imagine a truck driver is barreling down a highway outside of Bridgeport and collides with a car. While the family in the car can certainly sue the driver of the truck, it is likely that they can sue the company for which the driver works, too. Not only does this provide injured victims with the potential access to more money to pay for costly medical bills, but it is also a way to hold the company responsible for the trucker's bad driving.

Woman's car is on employer's property, eligible for workers' comp

When most people in Bridgeport think about workers' compensation, they usually think of someone getting hurt in the course of his or her work. Whether it is a construction worker falling off scaffolding or someone developing back problems from lifting a box of copy paper, workers' compensation provides an important protection to employees in Connecticut who are hurt on the job. Workers' compensation, however, also protects employees who are hurt in freak accidents while on an employer's property or during the course of the work day.


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