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Understanding loss of companionship damages

Auto accidents, slip and fall incidents, surgical and medical mistakes and workplace accidents can cause injuries and deaths that can forever alter the lives of victims and their family members. When, for example, a spouse is injured in a car accident, that spouse may no longer be able to return to work and provide financial support for the family. As has been mentioned in previous posts here, those costs can be recovered through a civil lawsuit. However, spouses provide more than monetary support-what about the love, support and encouragement that will now be missing because of their injuries? This "loss of companionship" may also be included as part of a claim.

How wrongful death legal protections help surviving loved ones

Wrongful death legal resources are a helpful protection for loved ones who have suffered the traumatic loss of their loved one in a fatal accident. The negligent party responsible for causing the fatal accident may be liable to the victims for the damages they have suffered which is a legal resource surviving family members should be familiar with.

We help families of wrongful death victims

We all hope that our loved ones will live to an old age, and when they do pass away, that it is peaceful. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for many in Connecticut. A car accident, an act of medical malpractice or other careless or negligent acts sometimes steal a loved one away from them much too soon. Death is not easy to deal with, but it is even more difficult when your loved one died due to another person's poor choices.

Loss of a loved one before and after pregnancy highly preventable

Expecting parents and those who have a newborn in Connecticut are enthusiastic about the entire process. However, it is frequently forgotten that the process of having a child can pose risks to the mother and child. When there is an unexpected death after giving birth, legal advice is important when considering a lawsuit for compensation.

Workplace accident kills worker when building collapses

No matter what kind of job a Connecticut resident does, one of the last things they think will happen to them is a fatal workplace accident. Unfortunately, there are times when the unforeseen occurs and people lose their lives in an accident on the job. The family left behind must think about all they have lost and consider filing a lawsuit to recover their damages.

Trucker killed in fatal car crash after making delivery

People who drive for a living in Connecticut are in danger of being injured or losing their lives in a crash without warning. These can happen for a variety of reasons from the other driver being distracted, reckless, under the influence or simply losing control of the vehicle. Regardless, families are impacted in myriad ways after a fatal accident. One of the key factors to recovering compensation in a legal filing is to have a full investigation to determine its cause. Having legal help is a critical part of gathering that evidence.

Fatal hit-and-run accident kills motorcyclist

There are many motorcyclists on the road in Connecticut. For the safety of drivers of conventional vehicles and motorcycles, it is imperative that they share the road and keep a close eye on one another. Accidents between a car or truck and a motorcycle can lead to severe injuries for the motorcyclist. When the driver flees the scene, it goes from a serious accident to a deadly accident. A rider who might have recovered had there been immediate care could die, making it a fatal accident.

Motorcyclist killed in fatal car crash where driver fled scene

Motorcycles are a common sight on the road in Connecticut. For the most part, drivers of conventional vehicles share the road with motorcyclists and everyone remains safe. However, motorcycle accidents do happen, and they can lead to serious injuries and fatalities.

Fatal accident injures motorcycle passenger, kills passenger

Motorcycles are a common sight on the Connecticut roads and drivers of conventional vehicles must be aware of them. Since a motorcycle rider is so inherently vulnerable to injuries and death in a crash, it is imperative for drivers to share the road with them and adhere to the law when it comes to turning, yielding or any other maneuver that could place riders in jeopardy. Even when drivers do exercise that caution, there will still be motorcycle accidents. When they happen and a rider is injured or killed, it is critical that the injured person and the family of the person who was killed understands the steps necessary to file a personal injury or wrongful death legal case.

Fatal workplace accident kills construction contractor after fall

Construction is a vital part of the landscape in Connecticut. It provides jobs, completes required maintenance and builds structures for residences and businesses. Regardless of its importance, it is undeniable that the work itself can be dangerous to the workers. They are frequently stationed at great heights, working with heavy equipment and are placing their trust in co-workers and employers to ensure a safe workplace. When there is an accident and a worker is fatally injured, it is vital for the family left behind to understand the importance of a wrongful death legal filing.

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