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Were You Hit At An Intersection?

Any place on the road is dangerous when drivers are inattentive or otherwise negligent, and intersections are no different. Pedestrians, cyclists, drivers and passengers all have to pay attention to each other at intersections, yield accordingly and pay attention to the right of way. Unfortunately, all too often they do not and the results can be catastrophic. Head-on, T-bone, rear-end, pedestrian and cyclist accidents are all very real possibilities when drivers are not paying adequate attention. To make matters worse, because of how highly traversed intersections can be, there can easily be multiple collisions after the first initial collision.

If you or someone close to you was injured in an intersection accident, you may be overwhelmed and confused. As such, it is extremely important to reach out to experienced counsel as soon as possible who can inform you of your rights and work to help you heal and recover by securing the compensation you need.

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