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Connecticut workplace accident leaves one dead

This time of year, package handlers and mail carriers are putting in a lot of hours. In the hustle and bustle to meet deadlines and keep holiday packages moving, workers may find themselves in dangerous work environments. Sadly, not all workers are able to escape these hazardous conditions without injury, and some even die on the job.

What benefits can I receive through workers' compensation?

If you've been injured on the job, then you probably have a lot of immediate needs. You may need medical care, rehabilitation and a way to make ends meet while you spend some time away from work to focus on your recovery. Those who have been hurt in a workplace accident may be able to recover compensation to help cover their losses if they successfully file a workers' compensation claim.

3 car accidents put Connecticut workers in danger

Many Connecticut residents fail to recognize that working can be an inherently dangerous activity, depending on one's profession. Police officers, for example, are often in harm's way, whether when directing traffic or arresting dangerous individuals. Another dangerous profession is construction. Employees often perform their job duties at great heights and they work near heavy machinery and fast moving vehicles.

Law firm stands strong for injured workers

A few weeks ago on the blog we discussed instances when workers' compensation claims can be denied and when worker's compensation doesn't apply. If you are an injured worker, then being denied these crucial benefits can leave you facing financial uncertainty while you try to reclaim your health. This can be frightening, stressful and unacceptable.

When can workers' compensation claims be denied?

Every job has its risks. Construction workers can be injured by faulty scaffolding, warehouse workers may be hurt when lifting heavy objects, and even office workers can be injured when running errands. Regardless of how an individual is injured, if the accident happened at work, then workers' compensation benefits may be available. This is no small thing, as workers' compensation benefits can help an injured worker recoup medical expenses and lost wages incurred while he or she in unable to work.

Our experienced legal team fights for the work accident victim

Workers' compensation isn't something that most Connecticut residents think about on a daily basis. Yet, when a workplace accident strikes, and these individuals are left with on-the-job injuries, they are glad the system is in place to help them recoup medical expenses and lost wages. But recovering these benefits isn't always so easy, and as we discussed last week, a successful claim doesn't necessarily mean the compensation awarded will be as much as expected.

Workers' compensation and the Compensation Review Board

Connecticut workers who are injured on the job may have a lot to worry about. They might lose out on much needed wages, which can take a toll on their families' financial well-being. This financial instability can be exacerbated when medical expenses are fully realized. Fortunately, workers' compensation benefits may provide relief. Yet, even an initial award of workers' compensation doesn't mean that an injured worker is set.

Helping Connecticut residents through workplace injuries

Every day, thousands of Connecticut residents go to work and put their well-being and their very lives on the line, whether they know it or not. Workplace accidents can strike at any time, and they can leave individuals with serious injuries that take time, money and pain to recover from. In other instances, like the one discussed last week, injuries suffered on the job can be fatal. In these instances, surviving family members can be left with unimaginable emotional loss and financial devastation.

Connecticut man dies in workplace accident

For many Connecticut residents, a seemingly normal day at work can turn injurious or even deadly in a matter of moments. Workplace accidents are extremely common, and, depending on the severity, an on-the-job injury can leave a victim with significant damages. These losses can include rehabilitation and medical expenses, as well as lost wages. Fortunately, the workers' compensation may provide relief to these individuals and their families, even when the workplace accident results in death.

Notifying an employer after being injured on the job

When successfully sought out, workers' compensation can provide a significant amount of financial relief to injured Connecticut workers. But the process of seeking out these benefits isn't always easy, and oftentimes employers, insurance companies and the state try to find ways to deny claims. With this in mind, injured workers should inform themselves about the workers' compensation system and how they can utilize it to their advantage.

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