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How To Get Medical Care After An Accident

One of the first decisions that people need to make following a car accident is determining how to pay for medical care. If the accident was caused by the negligence of another driver, his or her insurance company is responsible for paying your bills. However, it can take time to resolve your case. In the meantime, medical bills can pile up.

Since 1993, the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke has helped car accident victims in Connecticut receive the medical care they need and the compensation they deserve. With offices in Stratford, Shelton , we represent clients throughout the Greater Bridgeport area.

Obtaining Medical Care After An Accident Injury

The most important thing you need to do after a serious car accident is to take care of yourself and get the medical treatment you need. This is important not just for your health but for your personal injury case against the at-fault driver as well. Without medical documentation, the insurance company of other driver will not believe that you are truly injured.

Until your personal injury case is resolved, you will need to find another way to pay your medical bills. Some options may include:

  • Personal injury protection (PIP) insurance
  • Private or employer-sponsored health insurance (our lawyers will negotiate repayment when your case is resolved)
  • Medicare or Medicaid (our lawyers will negotiate repayment when your case is resolved)

If you don’t have medical insurance coverage, our lawyers can help you find a doctor who will provide care in exchange for a lien on your personal injury award or settlement.

It is important not to resolve your case until you have completed your medical treatment. Only then will you know how your injury will affect your life moving forward.

The Importance Of Obtaining Effective Medical Care

If you have been injured in an accident, it is important that you have access to effective, long-term medical care. This is important not just from a medical standpoint, but from a legal one as well.

After an accident, you may feel tempted to skip the follow-up appointments scheduled by your doctor in an attempt to save money. Unfortunately, this can hamper an ongoing personal injury case. Without your follow-up appointments, you will not have a full, chronological record of your injury and recovery. This makes it more difficult to estimate your current and future losses.

Skipping appointments or disregarding your doctor’s advice may also weaken your legal position. As an injured victim seeking compensation, you have a responsibility to do everything you can to reduce the damages you are owed. This includes seeking treatment and following the advice of your medical professionals.

If you fail to seek reasonable treatment in an appropriate amount of time, the insurance company may argue that some of your losses were caused not by the negligent party, but by your own failure to pursue medical care. This can ultimately make your case more challenging and reduce the amount of compensation you are owed.

Contact Our Connecticut Car Accident Attorneys Today

If you have been injured in an accident and need help getting medical care, our personal injury attorneys can point you in the right direction. We invite you to contact the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke today at 800-658-1245 to schedule a free initial consultation at one of our three office locations. We handle all car accident cases on a contingency fee basis; you will not pay anything unless we recover compensation on your behalf.