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Was Your Crash Caused By Defective Tires?

Car accidents can occur for many reasons. Often, the carelessness of another driver is the problem. Sometimes, however, other factors come into play. Defective tires or other faulty automotive parts can lead to very serious crashes.

At the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke in Connecticut, we have recovered millions of dollars for individuals and families who have been harmed in auto accidents and other types of personal injury cases. We want to help you recover fair compensation, too. With offices in Stratford, Shelton , we are equipped to represent you anywhere in the state.

We Have The Skill To Uncover The Facts

Our attorneys, James L. O'Rourke and Margaret C. DiCicco, have more than 50 years of combined legal experience advocating for injured individuals and the families of wrongful death victims in Bridgeport and beyond. This experience gives them detailed insight in the various causes of car crashes. They will thoroughly investigate your case and determine if any of the following may have caused your accident:

  • Defective design or manufacturing — When an automotive parts manufacturer produces tires with inherent defects, that manufacturer may be liable for any resulting injuries.
  • Worn tires — Tires that have lost their tread and become too thin can easily cause a blowout. This can send a car swerving off the road or into oncoming traffic without warning.
  • Tires with too little pressure — If a service station fails to fully inflate the tires, the car may become difficult to control.
  • Tires with too much pressure — Overinflated tires can also pose a risk because they result in less tire surface actually contacting the road. This can potentially lead to the vehicle skidding or rolling over.

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