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Lawyers For Herniated Disc Injuries

Insurance companies often make lowball settlement offers to people who suffer herniated discs or other neck and back injuries. It often takes a lawyer’s help to receive the compensation you need and deserve.

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Your Advocate If You Are Injured

If you suffer from neck or back pain after an accident, you may assume that the pain will go away with rest. However, your pain may be caused by a serious injury such as herniated disk or cracked vertebra. These injuries can take a long time to heal and may result in lasting pain that can make it difficult to work and do the things you enjoy.

Insurance companies often try to blame neck and back pain on other causes such as an existing condition. For this reason, you should see a doctor as soon as possible after an accident and to tell him or her you were in a car accident. You should also follow your doctor’s treatment plan. This is important not only for your health but for your personal injury case against the at-fault driver. If you fail to follow-through on medical treatment, the insurance company will not believe that you are really injured.

Doctors often treat back and neck pain conservatively. They may provide muscle relaxants and rehabilitation initially. If the pain does not go, your doctor may start to explore other options such as surgery. It’s important not to resolve your case until you know how the injury will affect you in the future.

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