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Did An Accident Leave You With Scars?

After an accident, it can be stressful to see scars on your skin. In the first 90-120 days, it can be difficult to know how the scar will heal or if you will be left with a lasting reminder of the accident. Additionally, African Americans often get a “keloid scar” that can cause skin discoloration around the injury.

If you have scars from an accident, a lawyer can help you secure compensation for your injury. Since 1993, the attorneys at the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke have helped clients in Connecticut with personal injury claims. We can answer your questions about the process and help you with your claim.

Compensation For Scarring And Injuries From An Accident

If you have a scar from an accident that resulted from another person’s negligence, you may be able to secure:

  • Reasonably anticipated future medical expenses, including scar reduction procedure
  • Compensation for the long-term impact on your quality of life and your pain and suffering, including the emotional distress and loss of confidence you may have suffered
  • Expenses for a dermatologist and topical treatment of scar
  • Lost wages for any time you were unable to return to work

Building Your Personal Injury Case

A scar shows the site of an injury, and it can show that your injury involved a puncture or serious laceration. As a result, it will be easier to prove that there was an injury in your case.

Even with the scar and evidence, there may be other lasting injuries as a result of your accident. We work with medical experts to determine the full extent of our clients’ injuries and to understand the long-term cost of those injuries. By carefully building evidence of the injuries you have suffered, we can pursue the full and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries.

With scarring cases in particular, one of the first steps we take is to send our clients to a plastic surgeon to see if they can reduce/remove the scar. A scar reduction procedure can be covered in the compensation package, and the plastic surgeon can document the scar and the extent of it. Attorneys James L. O'Rourke and Margaret C. DiCicco will use that documentation as part of their case.

Get A Free Consultation About Your Case

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