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Spinal cord injuries can be among the most serious and complex of all personal injuries. In the most serious types of injuries, victims may suffer paraplegia or quadriplegia. In other cases, they may be left with an extremely debilitating ailment involved with a herniated disk or nerve damage. Regardless of circumstance, almost every kind of serious spinal cord injury will require extensive rehabilitation and long-term lifestyle alterations.

If you or someone close to you suffered a serious spinal cord injury because of another party’s negligence, get in touch with our lawyers as soon as possible.

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We are prepared to bring more than half a century of combined experience to help you obtain the compensation you deserve from the negligent party that caused your injury. We will rigorously prepare your case to obtain the needed compensation in negotiation or litigation.

Because we know that spinal cord injuries have serious effects on family members and those close to the victims, we reach out to experts including accounting and life planning professionals to ensure we obtain everything possible.

Helping You Claim The Compensation You Deserve

A spinal cord injury can lead to a lifetime of physical, emotional and financial challenges for victims. As your law firm, our goal is to ensure you receive the medical care and the financial resources you need to face these challenges. We take a comprehensive approach to spinal cord injury cases, seeking a resolution that fully compensates you for your losses. Some of the factors we examine include:

Loss of enjoyment of life: For many victims, a spinal cord injury comes with a significant change in lifestyle. If you have been injured, you will likely be unable to enjoy some of your favorite activities, and you may no longer be able to follow your normal daily routine.

Medical bills: Spinal injuries often require significant medical treatment and recovery time, which leads to heavy medical bills. You may also need to purchase additional medical or mobility equipment and make renovations to your home to accommodate your needs. Our firm will help you seek compensation for all of these expenses.

Lost wages: After the accident, you were probably forced to miss time at work, leading to significant lost wages. More importantly, you may no longer be able to continue working in your chosen field. If you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation both for your lost wages and for the loss of future earnings.

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