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Could An Attack Have Been Prevented?

A facility or establishment that is accessible to the public or to private visitors should be kept in safe conditions. Keeping premises safe should may require security measures such as installing video surveillance cameras, providing security guards as needed in and around problematic areas such as shopping malls and fencing off swimming pools.

Our premises liability lawyers have recovered compensation for many clients who had been injured on public and private properties with poor security.

Injured Because Of Inadequate Security? We Can Help.

Were you sexually assaulted or otherwise assaulted on public or private property such as in a parking garage or in the hallway of your apartment complex? Did property owners know — or should they have known — of the existence of security threats posed by criminal activity in and around their properties? Our personal injury law firm is prepared to explore these and other relevant questions as we prepare compelling arguments on your behalf.

Owners and managers of properties where visitors are injured by assault often claim that they had no way of anticipating such dangers. A review of police reports and other evidence may refute these claims. For example, previous visitors may have called the police many times to complain about stalkers or harassers in a public place — and property owners may have ignored recommendations by police that they hire security guards. This is just one example of a way to demonstrate inadequate security. You may have a good case for full compensation if you were injured on premises where good security measures should have protected you or warned you.

Did Inadequate Security Result In Dangerous Premises? Contact The Law Offices Of James L. O'Rourke.

If you were injured because of inadequate security at a retail establishment, in a parking garage, in a factory, on a university campus, at someone’s home, at a recreational facility or on any public or private property in Connecticut, contact the Law Offices of James L. O'Rourke. We can investigate your claim and represent you in negotiations, in mediation or at trial. Call us at 800-658-1245, or toll free at 203-864-4427, to schedule a free consultation to discuss your injuries. Our Bridgeport-area attorneys are available to evaluate your case.